Line painting

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Keystone Asphalt offers high-quality line painting services to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow on your roads, driveways, and parking lots. Our line painting services are designed to provide clear and visible markings that meet all safety and compliance standards. Here’s a breakdown of our line painting services:

Surface Preparation:

  • Cleaning: We clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and any loose asphalt.
  • Repair: We repair any damaged or worn areas before applying new lines.
  • Striping removal: We remove any old or faded striping before applying new lines.

Line Painting:

  • High-quality paint: We use high-quality paint that provides long-lasting and vibrant markings.
  • Precise application: We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise and accurate markings.
  • Compliance standards: We ensure that all markings meet local, state, and federal safety and compliance standards.

Additional Services:

  • Stencilling: We provide stencilling services for numbers, letters, symbols, and logos.
  • Custom designs: We offer custom designs for unique markings and logos.
  • Maintenance: We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure the longevity of your markings.

At Keystone Asphalt, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship. Our team of experts has years of experience in line painting and is dedicated to ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow on your property. Contact us today to learn more about our line painting services and how we can help you achieve clear and visible markings on your asphalt surfaces.

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